Kimcross presents different grades of PEX (silane based) which are used in multi-layer and mono-layers pipes. These groups of product is designed for the requirements in “DIN 16892″, “ISO 15875” and “ASTM F 1281” standards for hot & cold water pressure pipes, e.g. floor heating system

Technical information of kimcross is outlined in following table:


Comparing to virgin polyethylene, kimcross has the following specifications:
I. better mechanical and physical properties in high temperature.
II. Better chemical resistance against acids and solvents.
III. Excellent long term resistance against sun light.
IV. Better impact resistance in low temperature.
V. Higher resistance to hydrostatic pressure test.
VI. Excellent resistance against oxygen penetration.

Mechanical properties:


Catalyst masterbatches for PEX

For pipe production, PEX, must be mixed with catalyst with the ratio of 95:5. These masterbatches are produced under the grade name of kimcross 1333.


Modified polyethylene

Kimcross is available in different grades of tie-layer adhesives based on grafted maleic anhydride polyolefin. Modifying polymer increase the degree of adhesion throughout the metal layer which is used in multi-layer pipes,oil and gas industry.


Kimcross has the following specifications:
I. Excellent adhesion to metal and polymeric layers.
II. High heat resistance (up to 100 ͦ c)
III. Excellent processing in extrusion.
IV. Resistant against creeping in polymer.
V. Resistant against expansion of polymer in multi-layer pipes.